Just a little bit  About Me..Black dog named Bobo wearing a red collar, sitting on our deck facing away from the camera

A warm welcome to all of you visiting my site

From a young age, I was surrounded by animals of varying kinds (rabbits, chickens, cats, cows, horses and dogs) but I particularly loved to spend time in the company of our good family dog.

When I married and had children of my own, (and living on a small ranch) we also  had a succession of good farm dogs through the years but also  an indoor pet or two. Including the 2 dogs we presently enjoy, we have had 14 dogs over 35 years, not including a couple of litters when we bred purebred Golden Retrievers.

Some of our dogs had shortened lives due to fatal accidents or illness (cancer) but 3 of our dogs were euthanized due to extremely poor behavior that we did not have the knowledge (at that time) to change.I remember all of our dogs’ names and personalities with bright clarity, the great ones, the mostly good ones and the ‘failures’. I have come to see that it was not our dogs themselves that failed but it was we, the humans, that failed to understand our dogs.

I have also owned and operated a dog kennel facility for 23 years (retired now). For 12 of those years, I was also a professional dog groomer. I have handled hundreds of different dogs, and have also trained some of them for their owners.

With the invention of the Internet, I have also been able learn much from the experiences of others too.That is my mission here, to help you to understand your dog, to guide you, and not only to help you raise a well mannered dog, but ultimately raise a content dog.

Why is this so important to me that I have created a website about this subject? Well, I would venture to say that the majority of dogs being given up, that are being abandoned, that are being euthanized are being failed by their humans because of the lack of knowledge. With knowledge, comes greater understanding, more empathy for the critters that share this planet with us. If you could Feel what they feel and understand why a critter does what he does, your view and relationship with critters of all kinds would profoundly change for the better!

Moving on…. the opinions expressed are mine, based on my experience and my own research

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 Join me on this  journey of Raising A Good Dog….