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Hi! I really enjoyed this post. I’m grateful to read from a person that talks with experience concerning interpreting dogs’ behavior. I have taken note of the two guidelines you have mentioned in this post. I found them very useful. Specially the one that says our dogs should move out of our way. I have a quick question concerning dogs that may be trying to take over. Is destructive chewing a symptom that a dog is taking over? It usually happens when he’s left alone. He has plenty of chew toys. But he still directs his chewing behavior toward inappropriate… Read more »

John Greg

Hi I believe dogs are adorable, but because I got bitten by a dog when I was a kid, I develop a phobia with them. Even if I want to show “leadership” towards dog, I can’t help my self but to freeze when they started growling.  They say that dogs can smell fear, can I still show leadership while I fear them? I mean I can still act differently from what I actually think. Will that work?  Another thing is I don’t understand how to show “leadership” with a dog, and will that work even if it is not my dog? … Read more »

Karin Nauber

I think we might be in trouble. My 16 week old puppy is displaying many of the behaviors you wrote about. He jumps on me, he runs to the door and nearly kills me trying to get there first. He wants to be the leader when we take a walk. I am so glad I found your site and that you have some very useful tips and training materials! We already have a firm rule of no sleeping on the beds or couch or any other human furniture. He has his own bed which he has roughed around to make… Read more »


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