lime green and black Olizee dog walking harnessReview of the Olizee walking harness

“The Olizee, is a dog front clip harness for better control of your dog but also has a clipping ring on top between the shoulder blades for  light pulling as in Canicross. . The sturdy ABS plastic ring is not designed for more rigorous pulling that would be needed in Joring or dog sledding.

The webbing has 3M reflective material for visibility at night. Easy to see  exactly where your dog is in the dark with cars coming your way.

This harness can also be used to restrain your dog in the car, as it has a loop on the back to accommodate the car seat belt. This same loop is great for being able to grab your dog quickly in an emergency.

The harness is designed to eliminate chafing or rubbing by it’s design, light padding and materials. However, the very short haired dogs might still find that it chafes a bit, if left on too long at a time.

According to the critical reviews, I would not recommend this harness for very small dogs. Small dogs like Shih Tzus , Chihuahuas and other tiny breeds, would find this too heavy, and therefore uncomfortable. I would also not use this harness for the very powerful pulling dogs. You will not have complete control with a powerful pulling kind of dog, with the front clip.

Customers who had a defective part or defective harness, were promptly supplied with a replacement by the supplier.

The Olizee will fit most dogs in the following sizes.

  • Size X-SMALL: 13-17 inches (33-43cm);
  • SMALL: 17-22 inches (43-56cm);
  • MEDIUM: 22-27 inches (56-69cm);
  • LARGE: 27-32 inches (69-81cm);
  • X-LARGE: 32-42 inches (81-107cm)


Measuring should be done around the widest circumference of your dog’s chest.

The Supplier recommends that you add 0.7-1.1 inches (2-3 cm) to your measurements for comfortable adjustments. If your dog’s measurements are at the higher end, then go one size up as the sizes tend to run a bit smaller.

The Supplier does have a great return policy however, so you can send it back and reorder if needed.

Colours available are Orange, Neon Green and Black depending on availability for specific sizes.

This particular set, is sold with a matching leash. The leash is made with a wide soft mesh, that is easy on your hands, yet strong. The snap on the leash is a heavy duty snap that should be strong enough for most dogs using this harness.

The video below (from YouTube) is a short clip showing you how to place the harness on your dog. You can see how easy it is and how it looks on a real live dog.

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