two dog dishes, one filled with dry kibble and the other with raw meat

Best Healthy Dog Food

 There are 4 types of diets for a dog

#1- The most common choice is dry dog food or kibble. The kibble can contain meat, fish, fowl, veggies, fruits, grains etc. It’s the most popular these days because it’s easy to feed, no mess, no cooking and there is almost an endless supply of different kinds in stores.

#2- Canned food, more expensive but also convenient to feed( a little more messy though), dogs generally love canned foods, and there are many kinds to choose from. Some are blends of meat and veggies, and others are mostly meat.

#3- Natural home made dog food– a blending of meat, fish or fowl, veggies, fruits and sometimes grains… home cooked dog food with love from your kitchen. This has become more popular with many dog owners who have lost trust in the dog food industry. There have been many instances of dogs dying tragically from poisoned dog foods (melamine) or simply spoiled dog foods (mold). For some dog owners it has become the choice because of allergies their dogs have. It’s easier to control what your dog eats when you are making it yourself. My favorite book on this subject is written by Dr. Pitcairn and his wife. They were pioneers in the natural health field of dogs and cats. For 20 years, they have been writing books on natural healing and diet. Recently they have updated what I consider to be THE BOOK that should be on every one’s shelf. I had an older version on my shelf but I lent it out to someone who has not returned it ….I have provided an Ebay  link to Dr.Pitcairn’s latest revised book here, called Dr.Pitcairn’s Complete Guide to Health for Dogs and Cats.

#4- Home prepared Raw dog food (or purchased ready to feed)– feeding your dog RAW fowl, fish, lamb, venison, rabbit, or beef with or without raw fruits and vegetables. With a homemade raw dog food, (as with handling any raw meats), you do have to be more careful to keep work preparation surfaces and dog dishes clean. Some dog owners prefer to choose and cut up the raw meats and other ingredients themselves. Many Pet stores have made things much easier by providing frozen raw meals of varying kinds. Pet stores offer raw diets in the form of frozen patties, formed sausages, containers of blended raw ingredients or just the actual  parts like turkey necks, chicken legs etc.

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