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This is very knew in that if I keep my dog busy it will bark less that is very interesting perspective that I didn’t have clue about  we have adog that has become  a nuisance  for it keeps barking all the time their no orther dogs near by so it’s making it’s territory so it must be it’s less active and it have alot energy to waste on barking.but know I have the idea of the to silence the dog once and for all thanks for the help.

Lok Which

I’m really anxious to get my dog to stop barking although I love it when it barks to create awareness but sometimes it barks excessively which I do not like but reading this article has informed me on things I really need to know. Thanks for sharing this informative and educative article and I will keep following you to get more updates on dogs.


Dog barking has definitely been a problem when my wife and I dog-sit.  My mother-in-law’s dog loves to bark and when this dog is placed in an unfamiliar environment, this barking only gets worse. I will definitely try out some of these tips the next time we have the dog over. Thanks again!


This is interesting. I thought some dogs bark so much because they are born more aggressive than some others. I used to have a dog that barked at guests during their visits until they left. It was annoying, but yes I agree dog barking is a good alert and protect you from dangers.
This is useful information for dog training. Thank you for sharing it.


Hey Madeleine,

It’s a very curious and interesting article.
I have a good friend who has a golden-retriever who constantly barks. He uses some kind of a necklace to control the barking with a strong vibration remotely. I don’t know how exactly it works but it has positive effect.

terry lemoine

Hi, I recently was given the opportunity to give a home to an older female Dachshund. She is a very smart and loving dog, but she has this issue with barking, especially when she needs to be taken out to do her business, which is great, because there’s never unwanted surprises in my house. But, she also barks when she wants attention, and that’s a lot! So, I started using my finger pointing at her right next to her nose, and saying, “stop it”, and it’s gotten to the point now, where she actually stops barking. So, that has worked… Read more »


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