A selection of BOOKS and DVDs to help with training your dog



Agilitydog walking on agility ramp

From Dogwise

I LOVE this book and DVD store, they have a whole new look! I have chosen some particular books and DVD sets here but they have so much more! Training books, DVD and CD sets for various training topics, even Ebooks. Are you are looking for the best dog training DVD, dog obedience training books or maybe you’d like to teach your dog some neat dog tricks? You will find them in Dogwise. They ship worldwide too!






Improving Dog Behaviour

From Cesar Milan



“His best seller called Lessons from the Pack….is full of heartwarming stories of dogs that have inspired Cesar and the lessons he’s learned from them about healing, authenticity, acceptance, respect and more.”

LESSONS FROM THE PACK: Stories of the Dogs Who Changed My Life .

“or his most popular DVD set called Mastering Leadership….Own the definitive guide to Cesar’s approach and methods in his complete set of 6 dog training DVDs. Get it today and enjoy a lifetime of happiness and fulfillment with your dog.”

Mastering Leadership Series: Complete Six DVD Box Set. A must-have for dog owners.

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other Dog Sports

Joring, Sledding,Tracking, Carting,Cross Training, Rally Obedience, Canine Freestyle…. and onward.

From Ebay sellers-

Skijor with your Dog– “Skijoring, or being pulled on skis by a dog in harness, is a sport in which almost anyone – and almost any breed of dog – can participate. This book covers what equipment is needed, how to teach a dog to pull, and how to work with your dog year-round. It also covers canicross, bikejoring, and other ways to work with dogs when there’s no snow.”

For under $20, you can learn the basics of Joring.

You can buy it here… Skijor with your Dog


Just for fun reading…. Winter Dance “In the tradition of Jack London, Gary Paulsen presents an unforgettable account of his participation in the 1,100-mile-long dogsled race called the Iditarod..  For 17 days, Paulsen and his team of dogs endured blinding wind, snowstorms, moose attacks, and more, yet relentlessly pushed on to the end.”

Humorous and riveting true story! Under $13.

You can buy it here… Winter Dance


Dog Driver: A Guide for the Serious Musher..”Dog Driver is for anyone interested in sled dog training for recreational sledding, racing, or working. Based on personal sled dog experience in both racing and working sled dog teams, Miki and Julie Collins explain everything you need to know to select, raise, train and care for sled dogs, dog sledding equipment and even clothing. Learn to read and understand your dogs, as well as how to take care of injuries on and off the trail.”

“You won’t be stranded out on the trail if you study their advice on repairing harnesses and sleds. Plus, in Dog Driver, you’ll get all the latest sled dog facts, know what it is really like to own mushing dogs and just what it takes to be among the top Iditarod dogs. Follow Miki and Julie through thousands of wilderness miles as they run their working sled dog teams to check on trap lines and deliver freight during the winter in the heart of Alaska.”

For under $30, you can learn the basics of Mushing. NOTE- OUT OF STOCK on Ebay

Amazon still has some new copies,You can buy it here… Dog Driver


More from Dogwise

Interested in teaching neat dog tricks, or learning more advanced tricks that turn into Freestyle musicalImage result for canine freestyle dance with your dog? Former guide dog trainer and horse trainer, Michele Pouliot, presents a seminar here on the following DVD on Canine Musical Freestyle.

Canine Musical Freestyle is fun and entertaining sport that creates a performance to music using a variety of trick behaviors. Michele Pouliot is internationally known for being a top competitor in freestyle and for using innovative trick behaviors in her entertaining routines. In this seminar presentation, Michele teaches beyond basic tricks and shares her secrets to training behaviors that have the flexibility to be used in a variety of ways in performance. Michele instructs the steps to training trick behaviors, from the starting point to the finished trick behavior. Learn Trick Training from one of the best canine freestylers in the world. ”

You can buy it here Canine Musical Freestyle