Endura Flap Pet Doors


This company called ENDURA FLAP PET DOORS, supplies doggie doors for dogs (and cats). Their products range from door inserts for wall cut outs, inserts for windows, patio doors and as kennel doggie door flaps. I personally use doggie doors like this for my dogs. They are tough and yet light enough that the pet won’t feel intimidated by the doors as they push through.

We have our doggie doors inserted into a wall, going into a heated outbuilding. My dogs have a kennel inside that outbuilding, complete with soft comfy dog beds and their water bowl. The outbuilding is surrounded by a large fence, so when confined there, my two large dogs have lots of room to roam. I am fully confidant in the doors, knowing my dogs can go inside whenever they want to. The doors are magnetized and do not blow open in strong winds.

Our dogs spend about 10 hours per day inside our home in a restricted area as they are mostly outdoor dogs, but the remainder of their day is spent in their large kennel area, complete with slightly heated kennel (above freezing) and doggie doors. They enjoy the luxury of being able to go inside or outside while in the kennel areas.

Endura has covered every kind of install, from wall install, installing a doggie door into a regular house door, installing a full patio door insert, or putting a cat flap type of door into a window. If you live in an area with temperature extremes and are planning on inserting a dog or cat flap into your home, I recommend a double flap. However, in my dogs case, having an outbuilding that is only minimally heated, a single flap is fine.

Endura makes the point that a double flap is more challenging for very small or timid dogs/cats, so a single flap might be the better choice there. The flaps Endura provides though, are hollow core, meaning their design makes them essentially  a type of double door, not unlike a double pane window. A single flap from Endura, is more like a double set of thin flaps made by other companies.

The construction of these doors is built with aluminum frames, no cheap plastic found in other types. The flaps are made of a flexible and extremely tough polyolefin-based polymer, not vinyl found in others. Vinyl becomes brittle over time and actually shrinks. Endura’s poly flap remains flexible to extreme temperatures, for example minus 40F/C! That’s pretty impressive! The flap has magnets on three sides, not just the bottom like the cheap flaps have. Endura has a whole page describing their flap on their website, so I will encourage you to check that out.

Endura door locking coverFor security, ALL the door and wall inserts have locking door covers, so you can prevent your pets from going outside at certain times and also to prevent others, animal or human from gaining access to your home through the pet doors. The door and wall inserts have built in tracks to accommodate the locking covers.



Endura single flap pet door insert for house doorThe photo on the right is an example of Endura’s dog or cat flap designed to be installed into a house door. The example shown here is a single flap. Double flaps are also possible on thicker doors.








Endura sliding door insert for dog or cat flap

The photo on the right here is an example of the sliding patio door insert. You will notice that the sliding patio door is still functional as a door for humans too. The insert is attached to the latch side of the sliding patio door. However, the insert itself has an alternate latch for your patio doors. Ingenious! The insert is not permanent, and can be taken out, by you, at any time.






Endura cat flap insert for a sash windowThe photo on the right here, shows you how using a window for a cat flap is done. The window is a push up or down type, so the Endura insert is tucked underneath as shown. Of course you’d have to position a shelf or similiar on either side if the window is up high to allow your cat easier access.





The photo below, shows you the wall insert, called a ‘tunnel’, because it’s the same thickness of your house wall. Your dog will go through it, pushing on either a single flap or a double flap, depending on what you’ve chosen.

Endura wall insert for dog or cat door flap

There are many doggie door companies out there, but in my opinion, Endura flap Pet doors, made by Pacific Patio are the best of the best. Click on the SHOP NOW button at the top, to enter their website and get more information from them.

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