Homedog for ChristmasGift a dog for Christmas
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I’ve always been in two minds over the “gifting a dog for Christmas” thing because on one hand, it really is a magical surprise when kids or even adults find out they have a cute puppy. But on the other hand, when the puppies grow up as full-size dogs, they can get neglected and sometimes even ill-treated too. Plus the fact, people should be prepared for additional vet expenses, etc. In my opinion, a dog (whether a gift or not) should be considered as part of the family which is why they need to be treated with respect, not just… Read more »


Madeleine,  Great article, there is some wonderful insight into dog ownership.  i always say, once you adopt, they are your family for life, so CHOOSE WISELY!   We have three dogs, we love them all three.  Sophia, is a rescue, half pyrenees half lab, she was 10 weeks when we got her, Now she is 8.  Then along came Brewster, he’s a full blooded Wheaten, got him as a puppy also, he is now 5.  They got along for three wonderful years, then along came Leon, full blooded lab, all fun and games, he is now 3!  All of a… Read more »


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