Homecrate trainingHow to Crate Train an older dog
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Wonderful post. I am a dog person myself, there have been dogs as part of our family for many years. Right now we have a female Labrador that is 12 years old now and is part of the family. I learned just like you did that dogs need to be catch in the act so they can understand that is wrong lifting their legs inside the house, now she always do it outside the house. Very nice reading.


I have never had to crate train a dog. I am just lucky I guess. Have had dogs pretty much all my life and just have a backyard to put them in. I have had friends who used those methods. My thing is as long as you spend time with the dogs(they ARE a part of your family) and not just leaved them chained or i the back yard, they will love you and you can love them back.


Such a comprehensive guide! Thanks a lot. My son wants a puppy for his birthday but I wasn’t too sure if it’s a good idea or not, not yet anyway. He’ll be 7, however, after reading this article I’m getting more excited about getting one just so I can train it and have heaps of fun. What type of dog do you recommend? Cheers.


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