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The mess my dog is making/leaving around the house is driving me mad at the moment (I never should have gone with cream carpets!). 

This article has been such a welcome read, and I’ve managed to pick so many things up from it that could well work for my pup. How long do you have to practice the ‘phrase bladder release’ technique before he/she gets to grips with it?


Hi and thanks for a very good article that I will be showing my wife before we probably buy a dog next year. I’m on the fence on whether to get a dog as I am worried about things like cleaning and house keeping around an animal. But after reading your article I do feel better about the situation. You make some good points and your visuals break up the text nicely to make an easy read. Kenny 

J Burrill

“patience is what you will need to stay on course and time” I totally agreed with this statement, I am not a professional or expert but I have been there and done that. The most important thing any dogs will not connect our anger to their mind, they don’t understand it, sometimes you feel like you want to punish your dog for having an accident or disobey some instruction, but that is not the way it works. The best thing I could maybe do some clapping hand, just an indicator for the dog so that she knew it is something… Read more »

Heidi Wyble

Great article! I have had all of the challenges with house training dogs and I think your advice is spot on! I learned a few new ideas I liked as well. yay! Keep the great articles coming.Thanks Madeleine!


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