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Thanks for the great information on how to call a dog and get them to come. My dog knows his name very well, his ears will actually perk up when his name is called. But the problem is that he rarely comes when he’s called. The only time I ever see him coming down is when the doorbell rings or when his owner Who is my daughter comes through the door. I am looking into getting him a new harness as he is a small dog. Thank you for the information that you’ve provided in regards to harnesses. Thank you… Read more »


I found your article very interesting and I found myself very lucky to find it since I am looking to get my first dog. And knowing how to make my dog obey to one of the most important command is one thing I should learn. Throughout your article you can sense the years of experience you have gained thanks to your passion. Making my dog loving earring his name from my voice is something I didn’t even considered. Sharing a common place with a pet that have a different behavior patent is something I have to adapted to. After reading… Read more »

Babsie Wagner

I have to say I was thrilled to see that you do the happy training method and not the unhappy training method.  I am a firm believer in treats, treats, treats.  It has always worked so well with our pitbull Cyrus.  He is a lover and so wonderful, and my son never ever hits him or even yells at him.  Your article is so helpful and wonderful and I love your site.  Looking forward to reading more from your site!


Very informative article, which teach me a lot!

My father just adopted one rural dog last month, he loves it a lot. The dog is only 4-month old, and we need to live with and teach it day by day. I will keep your post and will come back for checking the tips again. Thanks!


These are great tips! I really wish I had these as a middle schooler trying to train our family dog. I will try these tips with my roommate’s puppy, as he is not so great for coming when called. Now that I’ve read your post, I can’t believe that I never thought about using a leash to help with the training process smh.


I thought it will be difficult to teach a dog to come when called but your tips make it very easy for me, I’m so excited to try them
Thank you for this informative article


Wow, this is a great training. I used to get frustrated when teaching my dogs to sit so I would stamp my feet. Now my dogs sit when I stamp my feet so I could really relate to the woman opening her arms to get her dog to come. The only other thing I can get my dogs to do is move in a certain direction. I tell them “this way” and move my arm in the direction I want them to go. I think they just do it so I don’t accidentally step on their paws. But great training… Read more »


I wished I have read your article years ago when I was having a dog.
For some reason, my dog was never a fan to run to me when being called. She used to listen only to my Mom.
It was very frustrating, especially outdoors.
Running around like crazy, trying to catch my dog…not a lot of fun, trust me!
At least I know now what I was doing wrong before and what should I do in the future if I ever get a dog again.
Great tips, thanks so much for sharing them!


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