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tommy bosse

this is very awesome I just learned some tricks for my dog that I never knew about, cant wait to try these new tricks out, the check list is very awesome and I will be fallowing these things not to do. there are things in that list that I’m doing that I didn’t know could impact why I’m having a hard time with my dog being home alone. very helpful thank you.


Do you think that this can be useful for all types of dogs?


My dog won’t stay at home but I hope this will solve my problems.

I agree, it usually starts at crate training. We used to have a dog that when we leave him alone in the house, he would chew on things. Which was a rather peculiar behavior because when we are at home, he doesn’t do this. So, we thought it was some kind of separation anxiety effect, don’t quote me on this one though. Very insightful, thanks for the tips!


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