Kurgo Dog Products

The Kurgo dog products line includes a selection of dog car seat covers, dog harnesses for walking or Joring, Dog seat belts, Dog life jackets, Dog toys and a multitude of other supplies that make life easier when travelling or adventuring with your dog. Click on the banner/image below and enter the Kurgo store or keep reading my Review a bit longer ⇓

Travel With Your Dog with Kurgo Adventure Products!


Kurgo’s selection has categories like : Car Seat Covers with sub categories of Bench Seat Covers, Bucket Seat Covers, Dog Hammock style seat covers, Car Door Guards and Cargo covers.

Kurgo Journey bench seat coverKurgo loft dog car seat hammock Kurgo cargo dog coverKurgo car door guard for dogs

Harnesses category with Car Safety Harnesses, Walking Harnesses, Active Harnesses, Dog Seat Belts

Brown Lab wearing a Kurgo's Dog running harnessDog and person skijoring with Kurgo joring setCocker Spanial harnessed to a Kurgo zip line dog car tetherAmerican Bull dog wearing a Kurgo impact dog car harness

A wide variety of Dog Collars and Leads too

A dog head halter, running leashes, spring back leashes, Muck dog collars, a Canicross towline and others.

Outdoor gear category with Dog Life Jackets, Dog Backpacks, Dog running Gear, Pet Travel Bowls, Dog coats, Hiking books, and misc. outdoor gear.

Pitbull Terrier drinking out of a Kurgo collapsible water bowlKurgo blue zip up travel dog bowlKurgo green dog water bottle/bowlRed Kurgo dog canteen with carry handle

Dog Travel category with Backseat Barriers, Dog Car Restraints, Dog Car Seats, Pet Carriers, Pet Travel Bowls, Travel Dog Beds and Dog Travel gadgets.

Red Kurgo waterproof travel dog bedGolden Retriever dog sitting on bench seat with the Kurgo backseat barrier in front of dogBrown mixed breed dog sitting in Kurgo car booster seatGreen shower cap for water bottle

Last but certainly not least is their Toy Category where Kurgo features toys of their own design.

chocolate lab lying on grass with Kurgo toysGreen and purple Kurgo's Winga dog toyGreen and purple Kurgo's Wapple dog toysKurgo's stepping stones dog toys

Kurgo was created and is owned by

brothers Kitter and Gordie Spater.These two brothers grew up in a dog household with parents who were clothing manufacturers, retailers and over all entrepreneurs. Kitter and Gordie were raised in this manufacturing/retailing environment, being involved in their parents business. Their journey into designing and manufacturing products for dogs came about through their own family dogs. 

The Kurgo brand was born with their first dog product, which was a Dog back seat barrier for their car. This first dog product was a success and soon the brothers were designing and manufacturing other quality dog products.

Growing up in their family store

created a strong work ethic and a standard motto for quality. The brothers have a hands on approach, Kitter designing and often stitching together the prototype for a new product while Gordie meets with Retailers, getting feedback, working with customer service at the other business end of things. The two brothers are a formidable team!

The brothers business motto is this- There’s enough junk in the world, so we never create a product unless we think it solves a real need, is original or a major improvement on what’s on the market, and can stand the test of time.

In addition to all the employees involved in the manufacturing process, the present office staff consists of 34 members and growing. This list of 34 members includes some canine members who are vital to the moral of the human staff but also have an integral part in the designing of new products. After all, Kurgo would not have been created if not for their dog partners. I am going to give the present canine members a special mention here.

Clover, a Chocolate LabGus, a older Black LabGuinness, Chocolate LabGarp, tan and white Aussie shepherd

Giving Back

The good folks at Kurgo, in addition to designing and making top quality products, began the Kurgo Foundation, about 2 years ago. The purpose of the Kurgo Foundation is to support non profit organizations in assisting animals in the wake of disasters like hurricanes, wildfires, tornados and others. The foundation has donated to over 715 non profit organizations in Canada and in 46 states to date to help animals in desperate need. Is that awesome or what?


Lifetime Warranty for manufacturing defects

Of course Kurgo understands that things can go wrong during the manufacturing process, so with that in mind, they have a top notch warranty for all their products (except for dog toys). Kurgo will replace or repair the defective product free of charge, provided it has been purchased through an authorized Kurgo Dealer.

Kurgo goes one step further, and offers a repair and replacement service for a reasonable fee for those items that become damaged due to wear and tear of usage by your dog and you.

Toys are not included under the warranty because they are meant to be used and abused by your dog right?  Kurgo toys are very durable but dogs will be dogs, some can seemingly destroy any toy!

Shipping and Returns

Kurgo has a very thorough information page on their policies regarding Shipping and Returning products. At the present time, they only ship to Canada and 50 States (USA), however Kurgo has two links for Kurgo products for Europe and Australia on their Shipping and Returns page.

Kurgo has a few payment options, one of which is PayPal, and there are also a few Shipping options as well that are presented to you once you check out with your items in the Cart.

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