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A personal note

I joined WA (Wealthy Affiliate) in January  as I wanted to build a new website focused on Dogs. I started in January (2017) and already had my new website up and running in March. I enjoy helping dog owners with various issues, and writing a blog appealed to me. Who wouldn’t want to make your own blog for free? Once I was inside the WA courses, I soon realized that I wanted to go further than a Blog, I wanted to learn how to build a professional WordPress website. That is what you see here.

Wealthy Affiliates is a very different organization, as it is actually a community of ordinary people like me, learning how to build a online Business, not just a website. As part of the courses offered, members are encouraged to help others on the same path. I have tried many different courses for this and that, but this is the only program where everyone is welcoming and helpful! Starting your own online business is much easier when you have a whole program behind you!

The Starter membership is completely Free for as long as you want it, however there are limited training courses in the Starter. There is enough to get you started and to build a website with a Blog or two, however I would encourage you to go for Premium. Why? You then get access to ALL the courses, multiple website building, the Chat forum, online classrooms etc.

What I also like about WA, is that I was able to get a Domain name (registered Website  name) and have WA host it as well. In laymen’s terms, I bought the building for my new business (Domain) and I get to park it on WA’s land (Hosting)  🙂 If you already have a Domain that you want to use, it’s also very easy to transfer it over to WA so you can use one of thousands (in Premium) of Website builder themes (your framework for your website). Make sense? Even if it does not, the other members can help you with anything that does not make sense! They are awesome!

You get to use all the Premium features for a trial of one week though, to see if you would like to go further. I signed on after 4 days as I was so inspired by the community of people here. If you choose to sign on as a Premium member, you get the first month for aprox. $19.00 instead of $49 a month (based on US currency).

You can cancel at any time too!

I have learned so much already, and it’s been fun! I look forward to every day, sitting down in front of my computer and learning something new. I enjoy writing and sharing my knowledge and experience with dogs. That part was easy, learning more technical stuff has been harder. However, no matter how stuck I get on technical details, there is ALWAYS more than a few people willing to help out.

Besides the owners and knowledgeable Support behind WA, many of the members have made helpful videos and tutorials of their own to help other members like myself. It is astounding how much talent there is here! Unlike (so often) on social media like Facebook, Twitter and others, I have not encountered a single negative interaction here. We are here to learn, to succeed, and it is pure joy to help others along the way!

Join us and see for yourself 🙂

P.S.- I am presently working on my second website in WA on a different topic. It is exciting!


WA building a website

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