My Pet DMV

basset hound sitting the driver's seat of a 1950's carMy Pet DMV is a fun product for Pets and their owners, for Dogs, Cats and other Pets too. It’s basically a pet driver license, one for your wallet and they give you 3 smaller versions as key chains. The Key chain pet IDs can be attached to your dogs collar or wherever you choose.

Only North American licenses (USA & Canada) are represented.

Their website makes it super easy to fill in the information for the licenses. You will need a good photo for your pet, already downloaded on your computer somewhere. There is an option for you to take a new photo and download it directly. You have to give them permission to access your camera, but due to the security settings on my phone camera, that aspect did not work for me.

I have lots of great pics of my pets already in computer folders so that part was easy anyway. You just have to fill in some basic information, like your pet’s address, name, eye colour, fur colour, height (at the shoulder probably or you could make it up), birth date and your phone number of course.

There is a fun little option of Restrictions like ‘no catnip while driving’, ‘no chasing cats’, no chasing cars’, must wear a leash’, ‘must wear corrective lenses’ and ‘must use litter box at all times’. Cute 🙂

Each Pet Driver’s License has a separate design per US State, and there are Canadian provinces too. Canadians have to click on the icon on the form, that says ‘For Canadian Orders, click here’ and visa versa.

The price is reasonable at about $20 for one pet, but it gets better when you order an additional one for another pet. Each additional pet ID is priced at 50% off. The additional pet IDs are created in the Shopping Cart, there is a choice there to choose additional Pet Licenses.

My Pet DMV goes one step further yet, by providing a guarantee that if your Pet ID is damaged or destroyed, they will send you another one!  In the Question and Answer section on their website, this is what is said “Every Pet Drivers License tag comes with our 100% Guaranteed Life-Time Warranty. If your tag fades, breaks, gets chewed on by the cat, or is simply lost, we will send you a new one free of charge! Contact us for more information.”

To check out the website, click on the image below


My Pet DMV ships the product out  in 24 hours.

Shipping is Free

Available to Canada and the USA only

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