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If you have typed in the question, ‘pet supply store near me’, nothing is closer to you than an online store like Natural Pets. This store has dog supplies, yes, but also has categories for cats, horses, birds, reptiles, fish and small pets like rabbits, hamsters, gerbils etc. I will focus on Dogs here for the sake of brevity.

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Natural Pets has a HUGE selection of subcategories under the main categories.

For example- the category of Flea and Tick Supplies has 12 sub categories like:

Topicals 34 different Flea and or Tick treatments for dogs- to be placed onto the skin of the dog

Oral Treatment-a choice of 4 products to be taken internally to kill and repel fleas and or ticks

(Flea/Tick) Collars-15 types of Flea and Tick collars, one is herbal

Shampoo & dips– 14 flea shampoos, one is an herbal based product

Sprays,wipes & Powders– 20 products meant to be sprayed or dusted onto the dog, some are herbal

Herbal & Natural Remedies– a selection of 18 products based on safe natural herbal ingredients to kill and repel fleas and ticks.

Home & Yard Treatments– 12 products to treat your floors, rugs or yard for flea infestations

Combs & Tick removers– 10 flea combs and or tick removers

Insect Repellants– products that repel flies, mosquitoes and other biting bugs like creams or lotions. Dog Beds & Cots, dog vests, dog T shirts, dog hoodies, dog exercise pens, dog car seat covers, all infused with a patented insect repellant (Insect Shield). How cool is that?

Green Pet Flea WipesThe Original Ticked Off Tick Remover tool


  Natural Pets’ category of Joint Supplements

has over 50 different products containing ingredients for a dog’s joint recovery and health.

Aches and Discomfort chews for dogsHomeopathic medicine for sore muscles in pets by HomeoPetcontainer of joint supplement chews for dogs by Synovi G4

Jug of liquid joint supplement by Joint Max for dogs


 Natural Pet’s category of Skin and Coat has 5 sub categories like:

Fish Oil and Omega oils– 40 products in capsule, chews and oils

Nutritional supplements– 20 nutritional products in chews or powder to be added to your dogs’ food

Topicals– 20 products to ease, cure or prevent irritations on skin, nose or paws

Anti itch and hot spot treatments– 29 products in creams, foams or sprays to treat rashes, hot spots etc, with one homeopathic product to be taken internally.

Anti shedding treatments– 6 products to minimize or stop unseasonal shedding in capsules or liquid form.

PL360 Shed no more chews for dogspump and bottle of Alaskan Salmon oil supplement for dogsResqOrganics skin treatment with Manuka Honey for PetsVetericyn Hot Spot Spray bottle


   Dental Products has 7 sub categories like

Tooth Brushes & toothpastes, Teeth Cleansing Gels & foams, Teeth sprays and rinses, Dental supplements, dental water additives, Teeth wipes, and other products. Many products under each category to improve your dogs teeth or prevent problems.

bottle of dental plaque attack gel for dogs

All Natural dental teeth wipes for dogs by Kissable

Dental teeth rinse for dogs by Vetone

Toothbrush kit for dogs and cats by Enzadent






Health and Wellness has 7 sub categories like

Allergy Aids–  antihistamines for allergic reactions, 8 products in total

First Aid– 60 products for first Aid treatment including bandages, antiseptic wound cleaning products, salves, and much more.

Medication administration– 14 products like Pill pockets and other tools to administer pills & meds

Pain medications– 7 products of pain relieving medications, some with aspirin in the forms of chews

Test Kits– kits like glucose testing, DNA test kit and other, for a total of 10 products

Vaccines– 21 vaccine products

Veterinary E collars– a choice of 7 Elizabethan type of collars to prevent your dog from licking or chewing on sore or stitches.

Dewormers– 15 dewormer products for a variety of parasitic conditions


package of pet enzymes powder for dog and cat allergies

Quad Dewormer chewable tabs for dogs by Bayer

Kwik Stop styptic powder for Dogs, Cats and Birds by Miracle Care

Bottle of PetNC dog aspirin formula






Eye and Ear Product category has 6 sub categories like:

Ear Mite control, Eye cleansers, wipes and pads, Ear cleansers, Eye lubricants, Tear Stain products with many products in each category.

Ear cleaning kit for dog and cat ears

Eye wipes for Pets by Earthbath

Bottle of ophthalmic Gel by Vetericyn

Eye drops for Pets by Pet Alive

The category of Food Supplements has 7 sub categories related to various conditions for both dogs and cats like:

Nutritional improvement, Lysine (for cats), Antioxidants, Vitamins, Laxatives, Hair ball treatment (cats), stool eating treatment, Probiotics, urine odor and lawn burn, pet weight loss and performance high calorie products.

Stop Stool Eating supplement for dogs in chew formBrewers Yeast supplement for pets by Animed dog careProbiotics for dogs in individual packets by Proplan veterinary dietsGrassSaver supplement for dogs to prevent yellow spots on lawns


After that Natural Pets has many categories for Dog Toys, Chews and Treats.

set of 6 Jolly Balls for dogs with rope handlesBowling Pin dog toys in 4 colours by JWSweet Potato and Fish dog bisquits by Natural BalanceWater Buffalo Horn chew for dogs by chew & chew

 Top quality Dog food… 

that you won’t find in your local Supermarket, and generally only found in Pet Stores, in both wet, dry and freeze dried brands. The dog food category also offers puppy milk replacer and Veterinary diets.

can of puppy food chicken and oatmeal by NutroBag of Stella and Chewy's freeze dried beef patties for dogsBag of Acana dog food in Free Run Poultry formulaGoats Milk Esbilac as a mother's milk replacement for pets

The final dog category is their biggest category yet, including all things not already covered in the above categories….

Pet Supplies has 5 sub categories (cats and dogs) like:

1. Apparel with 13 sub categories:

Collars & leashes, Pet ID tags & lights, Pet sunglasses, Life vests, coats & Jackets, Sweaters, T shirts, Jerseys & Dresses, Other Accessories, Holiday wear, Costumes, Halloween T shirts, and Muzzles

Baskerville ultra dog muzzleShih Tzu dog wearing a Star Wars Ewok costumeTan coloured Boxer dog wearing a orange dog jacketRed goggles for dogs by Doggles

2. Cleaning & Sanitation with 7 sub categories:

Diapers, Dog training Pads, Stain & odor removal, Waste disposal, Litter and Litter boxes, hair removal, and Other cleaning

Disinfectant tablets called TrifectantPet Hair Remover tool by CarPetGreen dog poop disposal bags with handles by Earth RatedThree washable dog diapers in black, pink and purple by Pet Parents

3. Feeding Supplies with 10 sub categories:

Plastic bowls, Stainless Steel bowls, Raised Feeders, Slow feed Bowls, Automatic Feeders & waterers, Ceramic bowls, Travel & Disposable bowls, Place mats, Food storage & scoops, and nursing bottles.

Small animal nursing kit with bottle, 5 nipples and bottle brushCollapsible dog bowl by Outward HoundRaised Dog Feeding station for small dogs by Our Pets Signature SeriesSlow feeding dog bowl in a spiral design by Outward Hound

4. Grooming Supplies with 9 sub categories like:

Shampoos & Conditioners, Sprays,wipes & foams, Shedding control, Bathing Supplies, Brushes & combs, Hair trimmers & scissors, Nail clippers & files, Products for skin conditions, Pet Grooming equipment

Hydraulic dog grooming table by Groomer's BestLarge dog slicker brush by Le SalonEasy Clip Pro-animal clippers by Andisone gallon odor eliminating dog shampoo by Bio Groom

5. Pet Home Essentials with 13 sub categories like:

Dog beds, Crates, Soft crates, Crate Pads, Pet carriers, Doghouse pads, Fencing systems, Heated dog beds, Cooling dog beds, Orthopedic dog beds, Pet cots, Pet assistance -stairs & ramps, Pet gates, doors & playpens, Pet strollers, Travel supplies, Other pet essentials

Four door steel and plastic crate by The Pet GearDog cot with insect repellant by Insect ShieldHandicap full adjustable wagon for small dogs by Walkin WheelsLarge ramp for physically challenged large dogs by Pet Gear


I would call this a ‘Pet Superstore’ for having such a well rounded supply of Pet products. It was exhausting going through each section and each product to bring this Over View for you!

Okay, now you know what Natural Pets offers in general. It gets better…


Free Ground Shipping for most products on orders over $85 in the continental USA.

Shipping to Canada and the UK is basically $24.99 Shipping to other countries is basically $36

Read their Shipping page before ordering and do some research into what your own country allows to be shipped in. Every country is different!

Due to International border laws, Dog Food can not be shipped Internationally.

Nevertheless, this company, Natural Pets, although US based, is willing to do business with the world! That is exciting to me!

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