Homedog park requirementsNo leash dog parks
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Hello! I did so enjoy reading this article. When my children were young and we took our dog out, I was also so aware of how the dog would react. And I am amazed today at how companions are not always so courteous. So I truly appreciate that you outlined all that needs to be addressed even for a no leash dog park.Great job and so helpful.
And who knew there would be a dog fitbit??
In peace and gratitude, ariel


HI! Thanks for sharing this article! I enjoyed reading it because it is very timely for me. It is only recently that a dog park was approved by our town council( i live in a small town). And this process took awhile, almost 6 years? It is because of some reasons you mentioned in your article, basically the safety of the dogs that go there in the park. You wouldn`t know if they have the right vaccinations, if they are going to behave.. and so on. But i am glad that they approved of it.. so, my two little dogs… Read more »


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