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If you would like more information on Training Dogs, below are some links for eBooks or online dog courses


  How to House Train any dog

How to house train a dog….The first course is self explanatory, for those of you who have never house trained a dog before or you’re having trouble with a particular dog, this course is written by an experienced dog owner who’s done it many times.


When dogs eat Poop!

How to stop my dog from eating poop…This is a more common question than you would think! This next eBook (PDF) is for those of you who have a dog who eats his own poop or that of other dogs. It’s a disgusting habit for sure and is a sign that your dog is not as healthy as you think and can make your dog really sick! The author goes through the possible causes and takes you through a method of training and diet to correct the problem.


  Brain training for Dogs

How to make your dog smarter. The following course is written by an author who takes you through a series of games, 21 in all, designed to increase your dog intelligence.  The smarter your dog is, the EASIER it is for him to understand, learn, and take action upon whatever you’re asking him to do. The author, Adrienne Farricelli, is a professional CPDT-KA certified dog trainer, “most intelligent dogs are easier to train, better behaved, and more obedient than their slower counterparts.”


How to train a dog to use a Litter Box

Live in an apartment? Can’t be home on schedule to take your dog outside for bathroom breaks? Some dog owners choose to train their dog to use a litter box. The author of this course takes you through the training step by step. In my opinion, having your dog use a litter box is better than using newspaper or pee pads, which teaches your dog to defecate on the floors. Often dogs who are ‘trained’ to go on pee pads or newspaper, will miss their target or the poop goes rolling across the floor… just saying.



You may be interested in my Store Review page which is basically a Mall of online dog related stores or shops.  Natural healing supplements to training aids to some very special dog training crates to electronic fences and much much more.


Secrets of Dog Grooming

If you buy a puppy that needs extensive Grooming like the Shih Tzu, Poodle, Yorkie, Pom, Lhasa Apso, Bichon, Maltese and others, you will either need to learn to Groom your own dog or schedule regular Professional grooming appts.

When I began Professional Grooming many years ago (23 years ago), there were no nearby grooming schools to go to, and no on line grooming courses to learn how to groom my own dogs. We have become so reliant on Google to find almost anything. Back then, you had to search out information in books, magazines, newspapers etc., hard to imagine now! I remember buying a couple of books at the Pet store, ordered a grooming video that I saw in an ad, and began to groom dogs for others. Wow, that had a steep learning curve! How I would have loved at least a grooming guide like this one. Anyone can learn dog grooming – if you learn it the right way!

  • Discover how to choose the right GROOMING TOOLS that make all the difference! Learn the right and the wrong way to brush your dog (you might be surprised).
  • Discover the easy & safe way to brush your dog’s teeth.
  • Secrets to choosing a genuine professional dog groomer.
  • Find out the secrets to removing those tear stains below your dog’s eyes and mouth.
  • Discover how to easily cut and shape your dog’s coat..
  • How to manage hair MATTING and hair SHEDDING.
  • Uncover common grooming problems and how to manage them.
  • Learn the proven tips to cut down on the overall cost of grooming.
  • Learn how to make the most of your grooming tools.
  • Discover the 3 BEST ways to ensure a shiny healthy coat.
  • Learn how to safely & easily clip your dog’s nails.
  • Finally discover how to eliminate that “DOGGY SMELL” associated with some dog breeds.
  • Understand the difference between normal shedding and excessive shedding and how to manage it. This is vital to your dogs health and well being!
  • Discover the different varieties of SHAMPOOS you can choose from and which one is best for your dog!
  • How to effectively empty your dog’s anal glands.
  • How to quickly manage the aggressive or biting dog while grooming.
  • Learn what SKIN PROBLEMS may be aggravated during grooming and how to prevent or manage them!
  • The easy method to plucking your dogs ears with minimal discomfort.
  • Discover how often to bath your dog without causing dry itchy skin.
  • TEETH BRUSHING – The easiest way to quickly brush your dog’s teeth.
  • Discover how to simply TRIM YOUR DOG’S NAILS plus what to do if you accidentally trim too much and they begin to bleed.
  • How to ensure you feed the correct nutrients for a well balanced diet that will help ensure your dog has a healthy coat and skin.
  • Learn why you need to have a first aid kit handy when grooming and what it MUST include!

Nothing is left out; everything you need to know about how to get your dog groomed is included.



 The Dog Allergy Cure

Who else finally wants to put an end to common dog skin problems and allergies (like scratching, itching, biting and licking)?…… without shampoos, creams, drugs, injections and trips to the vet (all of which takes a lot of time and money. In this ground-breaking course, acclaimed dog health consultant Milan Franks reveals the real secret to eliminating a dog’s skin problems. You’ll discover the method already used by hundreds of dog owners to rid their pet of skin problems forever. You’ll finally regain the peace of mind and pleasure that a happy, healthy and contented dog brings. 


 Heal Your Dog Naturally

Are you sick and tired of …

  • Knowing that the medications you are giving your dog are probably only treating their symptoms and not their real problems?
  • Being concerned that the drugs that you are giving your pet may have serious side effects?
  • Worrying that you don’t know enough about how to treat your dog yourself and be able to help them live a longer, healthier, happier life?
  • Being concerned that the underlying causes of your much-loved dogs health problems are not being addressed?
  • Always looking for answers to treat your dog in a safe, rapid and effective way but don’t know how? The author Sara Rooney is a fully qualified Canine Naturopath, Naturopathic Physician, Zoologist and Research Scientist  in South Australia.  She has helped thousands of pets all around the world through ‘Naturopathic Animal Services.  


There will be more added to this list of courses and eBooks as I find them. I hope they will meet your expectations.

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