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Aaron Brown

I always get great information from this website. It always helps to read when wanting to teach my dog new things. He is a very stubborn one. These posts always help and I hope to see more of your posts soon! thank you.


Great advice Madeleine. You are right it is too easy to just forget about training and go back to your old ways. But where does that get you. Straight back to the start.

Keeping dog treats on you at all times is a great tip. I’ll just have to remember to keep the treats topped up.


This is very informative and interesting. I’ve never had a dog before and would like to have one in the future. These tips definitely will help me train my dog in the future. I am looking to buy a small dog that does not shed much fur. Do you have any recommendation?


Hello Madeleine, This is very logical. If it takes years and year for a child to learn why would we expect that a few hours is all it takes for a dog to learn? That doesn’t make any sense! I grew up with a dog team and family dogs. We had wolf hybrids, huskies and mutts. The wolf hybrids were definitely the smartest dogs. They could practically train themselves, except a few bad habits that were almost impossible to stop. Huskies are runners so it is very hard to get them to slow down and of course they have a… Read more »


Love the Basic Manners! So simple yet it makes so much sense. Have you ever been asked to do a post that relates to your dog getting older and what changes to look for that could be a concern? I really enjoy your posts. They are so common sense related and I think too many people ‘over think’ what they should be doing.


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