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Persephone de Vito

Itw as really helpful when you mentioned that in order to lower the stress levels for the dogs, it’s best to choose a facility that separates large dogs form small dogs. Actually, I have the feeling that my pet will not mind whether he was put together with large dogs or with tiny dogs since he’s quite friendly. If only my older sister wasn’t allergic to dogs, I wouldn’t leave him in a dog boarding facility. But since, I do not have a choice, I just have to make sure that I choose the finest facility near me to take… Read more »


I wished I had asked some of these questions before I boarded my dog. When I picked up my pup, although I gave them specific instructions on how often to feed him and how much every day, he had noticeably lost some weight for the week we were gone. His bag of food was still over half full! Not only that, if we wanted him to see daylight and playtime we had to pay an extra $2 a day just for them to take him out. We learned a hard lesson to not wait til the last minute to book… Read more »

Earnest Watkins

My wife and I are about to take a vacation we can’t take our dog on. I like how you suggest that I take the time to ask how many personnel at the facility will interact with my dog. Does this imply that I should tour the facility before taking my dog there?

Tiffany Locke

Your advice to ask about the size of the kennels as well as if they’re indoor or outdoor is a good idea. It could also help to visit the dog boarding facility so that you can check out the kennels yourself and see how the animals are treated in them. This could also give you the chance to meet the staff in order to see if you’re comfortable around them and can trust them to properly care for your dog.


I think these are good things to look for when you’re boarding your cat as well. I’ll be going on vacation soon and need to find the right place for my cat. Taking a tour of the facility first is a good tip.


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