Reviews for Dog stores (mini reviews)

French Bulldog wearing a red and white birthday hatI have checked out the websites for all of the below online shops. Most of the shops that I have chosen here ship internationally or worldwide.  Many of these shops carry items you will never find in a brick and mortar store. The following is a mini collection of stores for dog online shopping. I am presently working on a new best online pet stores page. In the’s my original collection.

Just click on the images and you’ll be taken on a short shopping trip, no trains, planes or cars involved. Grab a cup of your favorite coffee, hot chocolate or tea, turn on some music and browse to your hearts delight. It’s certainly my favorite way to shop, from the comfort of my home or on my cell phone wherever I am.


Radio Fence Low Prices on Pet Supplies BannerThe link to your right- Radio Fence, is a store with a COMPLETE line of electronic fencing for dogs, however don’t let the name fool you! They have a very nicely set up store with almost any accessory you’d want or need for your dog. Radio Fence also has a huge selection of items for cats, fish, hamsters, rabbits and birds. Love this store! They offer Free Shipping to US addresses within the continental States if the order is over $49. Radio Fence also ships internationally



I have another page in this site that has a select group of online dog courses for learning Grooming, Dog Breeding, House training, Litter Box training for dogs, and others.


Bring your pet back to life Flex Pet BannerThis link FlexPet is a nutritional supplement for dogs and cats that has been created to remove the pain in joints, to re new and re build the connective tissue around joints. The ingredients are human grade and contain a blend of enzymes, glucosamine, MSM, Collagen, Bromelain, the most important- cetyl myristoleate.

This supplement is created by a vet, Dr. David RandalI, also host of a TV program called Dr.4 Pets. I  will let them tell you about this product themselves. They have a Full Guarantee as far as satisfaction goes on this product.  Flex Pet ships worldwide.

Only Natural Pet Banner

I am really excited about this next store, the link ,Only Natural Pet– is a store dedicated to more holistic and natural products… from food, supplements,flea and tick control for dogs, grooming products to toys and even a complete Dog Joring harness set!

Sadly, at this time, this fabulous store only ships within the Continental USA. 🙁 However, if you live close to the Border like I do, you can have items shipped to a Parcel service on the US side and pick the items up yourself! Hopefully they change their shipping policy in the near future!

EntirelyPets Daily Deal - A new deal daily BannerThe next store, is a complete pet supply store, meaning they supply items for the most popular critters like dogs, cats, fish and even horses. They have so many animal supplies that I don’t know where to start!     EntirelyPets ships internationally.





 The 4K action cam for your adventures Chinavasion BannerThe following store is called Chinavasion, a store situated in China but they also have warehouses in other countries. They are easy to do business with, I have in fact purchased an action camera with remote from them and also a GPS watch for children. Chinavasion has free shipping in many cases but I recommend you pick a expedited or courier shipping choice. The Free shipping is very slow. .

I have chosen Chinavasion here because they have very reasonably priced action cameras that you can also buy dog harnesses for. Of course, when you check out this store, they have many many other items that may interest you too. Chinavasion ships Worldwide


doggie bike trailer, blue with dog sitting in itDoggyBikeTrailer- click on image to the right, supplies Bike Trailers,the intent here is to transport your dog, big or small behind your bike.  These Bike Trailers could be used for children as well as your furry babies. Now you might be thinking that there is no real reason to have your dog ride in a bike trailer like this.

Well, very small dogs would have trouble keeping up with you on your bike, or an older dog that can no longer run like he used to. Maybe you like to use your bike in city areas where it would be dangerous to have your dog run alongside your bike, this trailer would be another option.  They also sell doggie strollers, yep, you read that right! Many small dog owners use them as portable kennels on wheels!.   Their prices are very reasonable and DoggyBike Trailer ships Worldwide

Just for fun, here’s a short video of a dog enjoying a   Bike Trailer 🙂

By the way, this dog is very well trained. I would suggest that you leash up your dog in the trailer and keep the screen up partially 🙂

Animal Den - Gift Shop for Animal Lovers! BannerAnimal Den
,  is a gift shop for animal lovers in general. You pick the breed or critter you are interested in and the search in the store will reveal the various items related to your breed or critter.  T-shirts, housewares, figurines, and other collectibles,  towels, socks, key chains, signs, and videos are some of the items. Animal Den ships internationally.  




Discover the Best Dog Care Today!Just Natural Skincare, is a small company that makes handmade shampoos, conditioners,soaps and other skin and hair care products. They have an extensive line of herbal based products for humans but I have included them here because they have some dog products too.

Gentle cleansers made from coconut, with nutritive conditioners like Olive and Foraha , immersed in Aloe Vera and other herbal extracts make their products for your dog an experience to enjoy! They smell nice too 🙂 While you are checking out the dog products, make sure you check out the products for humans. They are amazing! Shipping for orders over $75 is Free in the USA. For Canada and Australia, shipping is via USPS. For other countries, you would have to contact them

Coupaw Shop Now BannerCoupaw
,  is a store focused on bringing you the best deals on almost anything related to dogs and cats. Coupaw has bargain basement pricing on toys,chews,and many other dog and cat items. For a $15 VIP membership, you will have a new toy shipped to your dog once a month, plus on his or her birthday. In addition to that, a VIP member gets 5% off every order.

Coupaw also has a Subscription program for some of your favorite pet treats, that can be sent out to you on a regular schedule. All of this is in addition to the many products that you can order without VIP membership or subscription.They are owned by a company that is passionate about rescues. Every order placed on will provide 6 meals for rescued animals in need – that’s 6 bowls of food!       Coupaw ships internationally

Flea and Tick Spray by Natural Wonder Pets BannerI found an herbal pet apothecary or pet pharmacy, Natural Wonder Pets,  a company that creates safe products from A to Z. Dewormers, dental products, flea and tick control for dogs, and herbal medicines for various illnesses. This company has an online forum where you can ask questions and get answers about their products and usage. Natural Wonder Pets is a USA company that ships internationally




Pet Wellbeing Natural Support for Cancer product BannerHere’s another herbal apothecary, Pet WellBeing  that sells natural herbal products for ear infections, various diseases, dental, flea and tick control for dogs and many many more. This company is owned by a Veterinarian who is focused on natural health. Pet WellBeing also has a panel of advisers made up of practicing vets, acupuncturists, herbalists. You can ask a Vet for advice on various subjects. Pet Wellbeing is a Canadian company AND ships internationally.



The Green Life natural organic products BannerThe link below takes you to a ‘Green’ store, everything organic and as healthy as can be.The Green Life, has dog and cat products ranging from shampoos, organic dental chews, supplements, food, and so many more products too numerous to mention. As you can tell by the ad banner, The Green Life is for the whole family-adults to babies to pets. Awesome! The Green Life is a USA company but they ship worldwide too.




Purrfect Fence Keeps Cats Happy & Safe Outdoors BannerThe following product is Purrr…fect Fence for those dog owners that have a fence for their dogs but would also like their cat or cats to be able to enjoy the outdoors safely. You can see here in this image, that their spring loaded fence units attach to the top of your present fence.

When a cat (or dog) attempts to climb over by hooking their nails into the mesh, the whole unit springs Down! The dog or cat finds themselves on the ground, instead of over the fence. Purrfect Fence has units like this for attaching to board fencing or to steel post and wire fencing Purr…fect Fence ships worldwide.

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