Reviews for Dog stores

I have checked out the websites for all of the below online shops. Most of the shops that I have chosen here ship internationally or worldwide.  Many of these shops carry items you will never find in a brick and mortar store. The following is a collection of stores for dog online shopping. Enjoy!

Just click on the images and you’ll be taken on a short shopping trip, no trains, planes or cars involved. Grab a cup of your favorite coffee, hot chocolate or tea, turn on some music and browse to your hearts delight. It’s certainly my favorite way to shop, from the comfort of my home or on my cell phone wherever I am.

The link below, will take you directly to  the Leadership DVD series and to Cesar Milan’s website of other products. If you have seen any of Cesar’s TV shows like Dog Whisperer, Cesar to the Rescue …, then you are familiar with his training  🙂 If you need more advanced help for a problem you may be having with your dog, then mastering leadership with Cesar is the way to go. Cesar’s Way ships internationally.

Cesar Millan shows you why it's important to socialize your dogs, and how you can do it.

The link Pet Street Mall will take you to a fun shop of items for dogs but also for other pets (cats, birds, fish). They have some unusual products too that I have never seen before.This is a US store but they do ship to Canada and Mexico as well.I am not sure PetStreetMall - Quality Products at Low Prices!about shipping to other countries, you’d want to ask them about that.   *Note the coding this company provided me, does not allow this online store to open in a separate window, you will have to use the Back Arrow to come back to my website.

The link below, Raw Paws Pet Food, is a US company that sells specialty foods for dogs and cats from freeze dried, raw and frozen, grain free, organic etc, in virtually all protein sources. They ship via Fedex to insure your dog or cat food arrives in prime condition. Unfortunately, these excellent foods are only available to the USA. For those of you USA residents, here’s a company that rivals most foods found in a pet supply store.

15% OFF No-Minimum - use promo code: PrimeTime

The link below- Radio Fence, is a store with a COMPLETE line of electronic fencing for dogs, however don’t let the name fool you! They have a very nicely set up store with almost any accessory you’d want or need for your dog. Radio Fence also has a huge selection of items for cats, fish, hamsters, rabbits and birds. Love this store! They offer Free Shipping to US addresses within the continental States if the order is over $49. Radio Fence does ship to other countries as well but shipping and duties are your cost.

I have another page in this site that has a select group of online dog courses for learning Grooming, Dog Breeding, House training, Litter Box training for dogs, and others.

The link below – Sporting Dog Mart carries the brand Sporting Dog in electronic training devices. Their prices are reasonable and they ship internationally.I bought a cheap no name electronic remote and collar last year that suddenly runs out of battery power with no warning. I wish I had bought a well known brand like Sporting Dog. I will, once my unit stops working completely. Note-the Free Shipping is only for US addresses.
SportDOG, Sport Dog

The link below- Inground Fence Store, really is a store All about electronic fencing. This store carries everything related to in ground fencing and also in the house electronic fencing. They carry 6 well known brands and ship Worldwide!  I own one of these indoor devices (Pet Safe), and used it to train my dog to leave our cats feeding dishes alone!
InGroundFenceStore - In-Ground Fence

The link below- Active Dog Toys says it all, they carry an interesting selection of toys- interactive toys, puzzles for dogs, cat toys too. This store also has some nice heated beds and cooling ones too. This store is very new (2017), some categories do not have items in them yet. I look forward to seeing what products will appear over time.  This USA based store ships Free in the continental states and ships worldwide (not free). 
Best Toys for Active Dogs -

This link FlexPet is a nutritional supplement for dogs and cats that has been created to remove the pain in joints, to re new and re build the connective tissue around joints. The ingredients are human grade and contain a blend of enzymes, glucosamine, MSM, Collagen, Bromelain, the most important- cetyl myristoleate. This supplement is created by a vet, Dr. David RandalI, also host of a TV program called Dr.4 Pets. I  will let them tell you about this product themselves. They have a Full Guarantee as far as satisfaction goes on this product.  This company ships worldwide.

250x250 Generic Banner

I am really excited about this next store, the link ,Only Natural Pet– is a store dedicated to more holistic and natural products… from food, supplements,flea and tick control for dogs, grooming products to toys and even a complete joring harness set!  Sadly, at this time, this fabulous store only ships within the Continental USA. 🙁 However, if you live close to the Border like I do, you can have items shipped to a Parcel service on the US side and pick the items up yourself! Hopefully they change their shipping policy in the near future!  *Note the coding this company provided me, does not allow this online store to open in a separate window, you will have to use the Back Arrow to come back to my website.

The next store, is a complete pet supply store, meaning they supply items for the most popular critters like dogs, cats, fish and even horses. EntirelyPets ships internationally.    *Note the coding this company provided me, does not allow this online store to open in a separate window, you will have to use the Back Arrow to come back to my website.

The following store is called Chinavasion, a store situated in China but they also have warehouses in other countries. They are easy to do business with, I have in fact purchased an action camera with remote from them and also a GPS watch for children. Chinavasion has free shipping in many cases but I recommend you pick a expedited or courier shipping choice. The Free shipping is very slow. Chinavasion ships internationally.  I have chosen Chinavasion here because they have very reasonably priced action cameras that you can also buy dog harnesses for. Of course, when you check out this store, they have many many other items that may interest you too.

DoggyBikeTrailer below supplies Bike Trailers,the intent here is to transport your dog, big or small behind your bike. Their prices are very reasonable and they ship worldwide. These Bike Trailers could be used for children as well as your furry babies. DoggyBike Trailer ships internationally.

DoggyBikeTrailer - Dog Bike Trailers

Animal Den, below, is a gift shop for animal lovers in general. You pick the breed or critter you are interested in and the search in the store will reveal the various items related to your breed or critter.  T-shirts, housewares, figurines, and other collectibles,  towels, socks, key chains, signs, and videos are some of the items. Animal Den ships internationally.  *Note the coding this company provided me, does not allow this online store to open in a separate window, you will have to use the Back Arrow to come back to my website.

Animal Den - Gift Shop for Animal Lovers!

Coupaw, below, is a store focused on bringing you the best deals on almost anything related to pets, primarily dogs and cats. They are owned by a company that is passionate about rescues. To that end, going forward, every order placed on will provide 6 meals for rescued animals in need – that’s 6 bowls of food! This company ships internationally too 🙂  *Note the coding this company provided me, does not allow this online store to open in a separate window, you will have to use the Back Arrow to come back to my website.

I found an herbal pet apothecary or pet pharmacy, Natural Wonder Pets, below, a company that creates safe products from A to Z. Dewormers, dental, flea and tick control for dogs, and herbal medicines for various illnesses. This company has an online forum where you can ask questions and get answers about their products and usage. Natural Wonder Pets is a USA company that ships internationallyNatural-Wonder-Pets

Here’s another herbal apothecary, Pet WellBeing (below), that sells natural herbal products for ear infections, various diseases, dental, flea and tick control for dogs and many many more. This company is owned by a Veterinarian who is focused on natural health. Pet WellBeing also has a panel of advisers made up of practising vets, accupunturists, herbalists. You can ask a Vet for advice on various subjects. Pet Wellbeing is a Canadian company AND ships internationally.

The link below takes you to a ‘Green’ store, everything organic and as healthy as can be.The Green Life, has dog and cat products ranging from shampoos, organic dental chews, supplements, food, and so many more products too numerous to mention. As you can tell by the ad below, The Green Life is for the whole family-adults to babies to pets. Awesome! The Green Life is a USA company but they ship worldwide too.natural organic products

The following product is Purrr…fect for those dog owners that have a fence for their dogs but would also like their cat or cats to be able to enjoy the outdoors safely.  Purr…fect Fence ships worldwide.

Purrfect Fence Keeps Cats Happy & Safe Outdoors