Golden Retriever Service dog waiting patiently in front of a shopping cart

SitStay is a company and store that sells Therapy and SERVICE DOG Supplies. They’ve been in business since 1995 (over 24 years) and are based in Kansas USA.

Primarily, SitStay has a large selection of vests that you commonly see on Service dogs. There are vests for Emotional Support dogs, Therapy Dogs, Dogs in Training, Ask to Pet Me, Do Not Pet Me in addition to the standard Service Dog vests. They also have Medical alert, Seizure Alert, PTSD Service Dog and a flat Working Dog vest.

multi purpose service dog vestI am a service dog badgeblack leather service dog collar







The vests are in three styles, mesh, cape and Classic design. The Classic design also has the option of Multipurpose, which is a harness and vest combined. The harness designs are needed for dogs that offer physical support as in Service dogs for the Blind.

You can buy a vest as a single unit or you can opt for a kit, which includes identification of the dog’s purpose.

As part of the Vest kits, there are badges that are removable and are applied to the dog’s vest. The Identification badges for the person come with a lanyard, to be hung around the handler’s neck.

The Vests, Identification cards and badges can all be purchased seperately.

SitStay includes a wholesome roundup of healthy treats, health supplements and toys on the sideline, to help maintain your canine partner in health and happiness.

They have a category of various collars, leashes and harnesses for Service Dogs. Collars and leashes are labelled, like the Vests, for clear identification of the dog’s purpose.

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SitStay Mesh Working Dog Kits


SitStay offers Free Shipping WITHIN the Contiguous United States for orders over $49.

International orders are sent at your expense, according to the mail carriers to your country.

SitStay has a Shipping page that I suggest you read before ordering and they also list a phone number that you can call to ask about shipping costs to your region or country.

Special Note-

Identification is not mandated by law, in either Canada or the USA, but it shows a vendor, as in a store owner for example, what service the dog provides for the person.There has been increasing attention to ‘fake service dogs‘, that some unscrupulous dog owners use just to get their dog into restaurants, stores and public transportation. I think most of us would think of this behaviour as being rather disgusting, faking a disability just to get what you want.

Since Therapy and Service dogs are trained specifically for an individuals needs, at the present time there is no standard training service, federally regulated, for service animals. At the same time though, North America has laws that give service dogs the right to accompany their handlers into public areas. This presents a problem when the dog in question is NOT actually a service animal.

According to the ADA, a Service animal, usually a Dog but can be a miniature Horse, must be well trained for the purpose. 

It should be noted that if you see an organization, for example, advertising that for a certain amount of money, they will give your dog official certification as a Service Dog, these are scams. As noted above, there are NO Federal programs to legalize a service dog, at least in North America.

This non Profit organization, Assistance Dogs International, can provide you with worldwide listings of trainers of Service Dogs.