HometrainingWhat does a Dog need?
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Just sharing… We have two little poodles. One is 8 lbs the other 10 lbs. They are pretty much inside dogs, although I do walk them about a half mile on our road every night. I give them a bath every weekend. When we first got them 3 years ago, there was no way I wanted them in our bed. As they weaseled their way into our hearts, they ended up in our bed too. For the most part, we enjoy having them sleep with us. A few times one of them walks on my head at night and that’s… Read more »


Nice article and very valuable too. I’ve seen lots of people who have been completely overrun and controlled by their dog’s behavior. It’s no that hard to exercise a little discipline, is it? Look what happens when people don’t discipline their kids! Let me tell you something interesting. I had a friend who was a professional horse trainer. Someone said about him one time; How come he always gets the “good horses” to train. Well, the fact was, he had made the horses that he trained, the “good horses”. I think it’s the same with dogs. We can make our… Read more »


Great article. I take a lot of pride in training my dog. The only things that he lacks at is his playfulness outside. I cannot get him to stop jumping on people. I literally have to yell at him several times and get a strong hold on his leash for him to get down. I would totally love some help in this area. I think it’s so funny to see someone’s (keyword) dog own the furniture. My wife’s old dog (rip) used to sit on her mom’s furniture and no one could take him down without a fight. He would… Read more »


Thanks for a great article! I have a dog our family got from the local rabies kennel. She was going to be euthanized the day we brought her home. We were worried about what kind of mess we were getting into (she was about 1 year old skinny and full of fleas and tics) especially with kids in the house. I don’t know what it is but she has been the greatest dog we have ever had! Not sure if it’s the whole experience on her end that made her so well behaved? I would be interested in your thoughts… Read more »


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