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I saved a pit bull about a year and a half ago. My issue is that I do not know how he was raised his first year, and judging by his condition when I got him, the previous owner was not meant to have a dog. My problem is that the dog is three years old and although pit bulls are naturally more aggressive compared to other dogs, this pit takes the case. He doesn’t have separation anxiety, and it may also be due to the fact that I also own a couple of orange tabby cats to keep him… Read more »


Hello, This is very interesting article. I have lived with a dog when I was a child for 6 years but at that point of time I did not understand this behaviour. Now I wish to have a dog one day maybe 2 years later. It must be so hard for dog owners, they are exactly just like a baby and behave the same. Thank you for sharing

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Thank you for this great article and this awesome video. Making sure your dog gets daily exercise is extremely important.
You gave here very interesting tips. Thanks again for sharing!


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