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Leonard Bianconi

I think this is a great topic. I have a couple of relatives and a few friends that are trying to get dogs adopted from Puerto Rico. The situation over there is just awful for dogs, plus they don’t look at dogs the same way that we do. We look at dogs as pets, part of the family If I could I adopt a lot of them. You are doing a great service to animals here.


Great Post! I think the most important thing is to overcome peoples desire for cute things. Most people see puppies as cute but not so much when they grow up. That is one reason that people give up or abandon dogs. When we adopt dogs they even do a yard inspection to make sure the animal will have  sufficient space. I think cross breeding is good in terms of genetic diversity because a lot of pure breds tend to suffer from genetic disorders like English Bull Dogs who struggle to breathe. Cross breeding for cuteness or aesthetics is inhumane because… Read more »


I had a good giggle when I read the names Yorkiepoo and Cockapoo – really!

I think that there are way to many good dogs out there who are looking for good homes and families. Breeders are just making the problem worse in the name of making more money.

I find that the mixed breeds that we have adopted over the years have made wonderful pets, and the best part is that the vet bills are minimal, unlike their pedigree counterparts.

That’s just my two cents worth.


Lovely article, and so well put.  I wanted a dog for my eleventh birthday, and my parents were fans of Irish Setters (Red Setters). They went out and got me a female Setter named ‘Lady’, 2 years old, who had been terribly abused.  She was mad at first – but very loving at the same time. She only lived until the age of 8 because of the abuse she had suffered had messed up her stomach at a young age.  I always tell myself that those 5 years made up for the quite awful 2 years she went through, and… Read more »


Thanks for sharing your thoughts on adopting vs buying. From your experience, do adopted dogs adjust quickly to their new home? Have you ever experienced an adoption where the dog showed signs of bad temperament (maybe due to prior abuse or neglect) and how did you deal with that? I suppose for a family with young children looking for a dog, there is the novelty of the “puppy” coming home. What many don’t realize is that puppies are a lot of work and need a lot of training to set them on the right track behavior wise. Adopting an older… Read more »


I wholeheartedly agree that one should adopt a dog rather than buying. I feel like its the same concept of recycling vs purchasing a brand new whatever. Poor dogs in shelters have had a rough time and they need a good loving home to be in. Who wants to spend their entire life in a shelter or a cage? I just think investing all that money in a froo froo purebread dog is foolish when you can use all that money to pamper your dog from the shelter. Can you imagine what you can do with that extra money? You… Read more »


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